The Mathews Family

Early American Historical Fiction

From their beginnings in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, their lives have been intertwined with American history. Known facts about this 18th century family are listed on The Mathews Family page.

As a young child, Increase Mathews witnesses the birth of the United States. Along with his mother and siblings, he remains on the farm while their older male relatives join the ranks of the Continental Army. After the Revolutionary War ends, social and political unrest continues throughout central Massachusetts during the period known as Shays’s Rebellion and a battle takes place inside New Braintree. The brother of Increase’s brother-in-law has been termed the brains behind the Regulators and an instigator of this rebellion.

Brigadier-General Rufus Putnam (Increase’s uncle) submitted the Newburgh Petition to the Confederated Congress asking that military land warrants be issued to veterans of the war. He organized and sold shares in the Ohio Company of Associates to veterans to settle land in the Northwest Territory.

Increase’s uncle, brother-in-law Captain Jonathan Stone, and older brother John Mathews are among the “First 48” settlers to Ohio in 1788. The peace of their settlement is soon shattered. Trying to divest the land of these new Americans, Indians attack and massacre many pioneers. The British also prove problematic. Conflict continues in the Ohio Country for almost ten years.

This early American historical novel includes transcripts of actual letters written between family members and Mathews/Matthews genealogical records.

This 18th century American historical fiction is available for Kindle and as a paperback.

The Mathews Family book cover
The Mathews Family

Dr. Increase

18th Century American Historical Fiction

These early Americans were fundamental to the expansion of the United States after the Revolutionary War. Based upon a diary transcript and known facts, Dr. Increase is the sequel to The Mathews Family and the second novel in the Mathews Family Saga.

When Increase finished his medical apprenticeship, two physicians had already established practices in New Braintree, Massachusetts. Increase has always dreamt of owning land but now can’t save money for a future purchase. He wants to marry but doesn’t have the means to support a family. Some of his relatives have settled in the Ohio frontier, so he decides to travel to the Northwest Territory in 1798 to visit them and to view its opportunities.

Dr. Increase Mathews recorded his thoughts in a journal, noting mileage and expenses along with people, places, and complications encountered. It was not an easy trip. Traveling hundreds of miles by horseback took weeks to accomplish, and a companion’s mare is injured traversing a difficult mountain trail. This 18th century man’s actual words provide a remarkable insight on this period of history.

This 18th century American historical fiction may be pre-ordered for Kindle and will be available as a paperback on January 17,  2021.

Dr. Increase book cover
Dr. Increase

in the works


Mathews Family Saga Continues

I’m working on revising the final sequel which will be titled Life in Ohio. Increase returns to Ohio with his wife and infant daughter in the fall of 1800. He is the first physician to settle near the Muskingum River when he purchases land  in May 1801. He co-founds a town and opens the first drug store in Ohio.

It may take awhile to complete this early 19th century novel, but I hope to finish before January 2022.

Dr. Increase Mathews House Museum
Dr. Increase Mathews House Museum