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Trana Mathews is my pen name. There is already an author named Diane Hildebrandt who writes technical reference books, so I decided to use my mother’s family surname. Besides, I think Mathews is easier to spell than Hildebrandt. While I was searching for an “old-fashioned” first name to go with the Mathews surname, a very dear friend suggested, then gave me permission to use her grandmother’s name.

I lived most of my life in Northwest Indiana. I worked at a local water company for over a decade before I headed into Chicago where I worked at several public accounting firms. At age 50, I obtained a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University Northwest. My two adult children were born while I lived in Northwest Indiana.

After I retired, I moved to beautiful southeastern Arizona and began writing about my third great-grandfather, because his life had always fascinated me. My original plan was to start with his diary of a journey from Massachusetts to Ohio in 1798. Further research led to discovery of actual letters written between family members which are contained in Marietta College’s Legacy Library. My focus shifted to his entire family.

Because of my research of Massachusetts birth, marriage, and death records, I found many genealogy sites had misinformation, so I became a WikiTree genealogist. This has helped me organize where I’ve found my information!

I’m a confirmed “bookaholic”. Yes, I do know the proper term is bibliophile. But, it seems to me, words with the -phile suffix have a sinister connotation. I’m a firm believer in promoting literacy and am an active member of the Friends of the Huachuca City Library.

I’m  a member of several writing groups and am involved with my community. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crafting, and playing cards. While cribbage is my favorite game, dirty board (also known as pegs & jokers) is a close second.

My first novel is an 18th century historical fiction which covers the years 1776 to 1798. I’m currently revising the second novel of the triology.

Diane Hildebrandt
Diane Hildebrandt

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I’m on Facebook at Early American Historical Fiction Author Trana Mathews. Send me a Tweet, or find me on LinkedIn and Pinterest. Please visit my author profile to leave a book review or ask me a question at  Goodreads Author Trana Mathews.

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I’m proud to be a member of The Independent Author Network and have submitted my first novel into their 2021 Book Award contest. Please visit my IAN author page.

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