Sigils & Secrets

(Black Magic Book 1)

Fantasy novelist Whitney Metz’s first book in the Black Magic series is a magical fantasy novel entitled Sigils & Secrets.

The series is magical realism and is about the world behind the one we see every day, the importance of the connections we all share with each other and with the Earth, and the search for our true paths.

Ben Harrison was well on his way to having the life he always wanted. He had a high-paying job, a great apartment and, most importantly, he had Carrie. She was fun, exciting, creative, beautiful, and a bit eccentric. Carrie had a fascination with the occult, which Ben found irrational but not particularly troubling.

Then one night, during what Ben assumed was just another of Carrie’s standard ghost-hunting expeditions, something went terribly wrong. Now Ben must find a way to navigate a world that he never believed existed in order to save the woman he loves. In the process, he learns the truth about Carrie, about magick, and about himself.

You can find out more about this fantasy author on the Whitney Metz website or on Facebook. You may send her a Tweet, an Instagram, or ask her questions at her questions at Goodreads Author Whitney Metz.

Whitney’s Interview

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

I am definitely an introvert. I’ve never been particularly skilled at talking to people, or handling social situations. I think that’s the main reason I developed an interest in writing in the first place; it allows me to express myself without all the awkwardness of human interaction, hahah. I feel much more comfortable saying things in writing than I ever would in person.

Great way to express yourself!

Science has advanced and we can now colonize other planets. Do you (1) sign up to be a colonist OR (2) remain on Earth?

As interesting as it would be to visit other planets, I would stay on Earth. For one thing, I think I would hate the process of space travel. I would not enjoy being trapped in a confined space for months, or years, at a time. Mostly though, I feel like we humans have an obligation to take care of this planet. I think the possibility of colonizing other planets would inherently lead people to be less concerned about the damage we are doing to this one. I would want to stay and do everything I could to make sure that Earth was not being abused.

Saving the earth from abuse is important!

Do you find it (1) easy to give a witty retort OR (2) think of what you should have said after the conversation is over?

I’m certainly not great with witty retorts, or any kind of retorts for that matter. I’ve gotten better, over the years, but I still have a tendency to just smile and brush off any disparaging comments. That’s another reason I love writing. You get as much time as you want to come up with exactly the right words to say what you mean.

Creativity in action!

Your novel brought you fame and fortune. Do you spend approximately $2 million on (1) an expensive car OR (2) a Hollywood-style RV?

I would definitely go with the RV. I’ve never been particularly impressed with fancy cars. As far as vehicles go, as long as they run, and get me where I need to go, I’m happy with them. If I had the opportunity to buy a nice RV though, I would just live in it. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of a nomadic lifestyle, and there are tons of places I would love to see, if I had the chance. So, I would take my RV and travel all over the country visiting all of the places I’ve always wanted to go (and getting inspiration for my next book).

Living the RV life – What a way to get inspired!

What is your (1) favorite book quote OR (2) favorite movie quote?

My favorite quote comes from the Hellblazer comics. “Reality’s just a story that’s taken on a life of its own.” One- I think it just really captures what it means to be a writer. That’s what we do, we create new realities. We find a story and we shape it, and build upon it, until it becomes its own world. But I also just find this quote inspiring in general. It’s the idea that we get to create the life we want, that, if we believe in ourselves and our ideas strongly enough, we can make them real. Bonus fact- I have an appointment set up to get this quote as a tattoo.

Inspirational reality!

Thanks for being interviewed, Whitney!

Sigils & Secrets book cover
Sigils & Secrets: Black Magic Book 1

Crown Prince

(Book one of New Blood)

Fantasy novelist W.D. Kilpack III’s first book in the New Blood Series is an epic fantasy novel entitled Crown Prince.

Natharr is Guardian of Maarihk, one of a long line of protectors dating back to the Firstborn Age, before the Aa Conquest. Natharr’s is an ancient role, rooted in his Firstblood, giving him Sight to see what is yet to be. He adheres to his sacred duties even in the centuries since the Firstborn were forced to the brink of extinction by the Aa.

Natharr still stands guard over all men, Aa or Firstborn, Seeing what will come to pass, deciding what is unavoidable and what is not. He spends decades planning how to save the life of the newborn Crown Prince Vikari so he may one day reclaim the throne of the land where Mankind was created in the time when the Olde Gods still walked.

You can find out more about this fantasy author on his Kilpack website and subscribe to his YouTube channel. You may ask him questions at Goodreads Author W.D. Kilpack III.

W.D.’s Interview

Science has advanced and we can now colonize other planets. Do you (1) sign up to be a colonist OR (2) remain on Earth?

I have dreamt of going into space all my life. Who didn’t want to be an astronaut as a child? As an adult, I REALLY want to go into orbit on SpaceX, so it follows that I would REALLY love to go to another planet! I would love the challenge of learning how to live there, as well as just the awe-inspiring experience of being someplace before anyone else. I would love to meet alien life and learn how to coexist. I guess I would be that guy wandering around with his mouth hanging open, in awe of everything he saw, touched and tasted.

To quote Star Trek, “Where no man has gone before”!

You prefer (1) to eat a home-cooked meal with family and friends OR (2) to eat in a big-name restaurant?

I prefer quality, home-cooked meals, particularly since I would likely be the one cooking them. I’m a good cook (better than a lot of restaurants I’ve been) and enjoy the creative process. I love exploring new flavors and styles of cooking, and of course the sense of accomplishment when something I cook turns out just as I had hoped. If it comes out better than I hoped, then that’s certainly worth a cheer.

Three cheers for the chef!

You prefer (1) to people watch OR (2) bird watch?

I am a people watcher. I always have been. It’s fascinating to see how people behave in various situations. For one thing, I learn things from others that I might want to implement in my own life or, just as importantly, aspects of a person’s personality that I think would make for an interesting character in my writing.

Creativity in action!

The most important event in the past century was (1) the moon landing OR (2) the Berlin Wall coming down?

The Moon landing was more important than the Berlin Wall coming down. The Moon landing influenced the future of all mankind, inspiring and promising a future of possibility. Political events rarely have that kind of impact. The Berlin Wall coming down was a significant event signaling the end of the Cold War, but hardly had the same kind of impact on humanity as the Moon landing. The wall coming down was a great event, that certainly had a positive impact on the people of Germany, but was not of the same significance as landing on the Moon.

Ready for outer space!

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

I am absolutely nocturnal. Mornings are brutal. In college, I took two classes that were at 9:45 a.m. and my face hit the keyboard in both of them (they were computer classes). My mind is most active after the sun goes down. Not only internally, but because of what’s happening around it. I love looking up at the stars, the Milky Way, the Moon, even city lights! Full moons often keep me up all night. (I also suspect I grow a bit more fur during them.)

This reader wants to know: What color is your fur?!

Thanks for being interviewed, W.D.!

Crown Prince book cover
Crown Prince Book One of New Blood