Tales of Mundus


Fantasy author Chris Sifniotis’s debut novel is now available on Amazon.  Here’s a brief synopsis:

It’s amazing what you can find when you least expect it.

By the babbling brooks of the Great River, the halfling Ceannte finds a mysterious piece of gold hidden under the water. He quickly tries to cash in his fortune, but soon discovers an even bigger find. At the center of the world, he learns of a deeper history untold, and the golden coin he holds turns into a quest to find the others. And so begins Ceannte’s quest to find the Pieces of Eight, and he starts at home.

His quest quickly takes a backseat, however, as a sudden change of heart from the Merchant Queen renders him penniless and stranded. He finds a friend, the seasoned hero Capall Beag, and their partnership leads the fisherman headfirst into a world of magic, piracy, and intrigue. In the first book of the Tales of Mundus, who controls who?

You can find out more about this fantasy author on his website and blog or on Facebook. You may send him a Tweet. Chris also blogs at Goodreads Author Chris Sifniotis.

Chris’s Interview

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I reckon I’m a solid 85% introvert. I do like to socialize at any opportunity, and I like to meet new people. But I’m also very aware that people are not super into history, mythology, mathematics, or the sort of media I watch. So it can be very difficult to maintain a conversation.

“Oh, you like Thor Ragnorok too? That’s cool! I like how Loki is portrayed in the Marvel movies, he’s a proper Chaotic Neutral trickster and not just an analogue for Satan……….Yeah, Tom Hiddleston’s a good actor…”

I used to be very much more disinclined to talk as a young adult, so I know that had a real affect on my ability to be sociable. I am still quite shy, but I am more willing to just chat to anyone who listens.

Striving to become more extroverted!

What is your most favorite thing to do or least favorite thing to do?

Listen to music. Quite frankly my entire experience is surrounded by music. My creative career centers around my ability to translate music into other forms of art, even my written work is inspired by the music I listen to. Beyond creativity music conjures images and dreams as I listen to it, certain music can affect my mood, and thus what I think and write, specific music can even influence my body temperature. Gorillaz’s ‘We Got the Power’ and Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ are the only examples I know that give me an energy boost simply by listening to them. Music is, has been, and I suspect always will be an ever present influence on not only my experience in general, but how I experience life.

I encourage new authors with an interest in surrealism to listen to Jean Michel Jarre, anyone with an ear for an alternative sound should check out the Fourplay Electronic String Quartet, and anyone that wishes to enhance their high fantasy experience should have a look for the composers of the Age of Wonders series of computer games; Michel van den Bos and Mason B. Fisher.

Music is inspirational!

Your novel brought you fame and fortune. Do you spend approximately $2 million on an expensive car on a Hollywood-style RV?

Livin’ the dream…

Let me answer this question with a gigantic caveat in saying that I would honestly do neither of those things, but let’s entertain the idea. If given the choice between a hyper car and an RV, gimme the Koenigsegg SSC Tuatara!! I want to experience the closest I can get to the speed of light.

My real answer is much less interesting. I’d keep a million for myself for financial security and to fund my writing career, and the rest would be donated. I want to emulate John Green and his positive effect on the world. Nerdfighteria forever!

Making donation to charity instead!

The most important event in the past century was the moon landing or the Berlin Wall coming down?

Undeniably the moon landing. I am currently at university and I recently learned about the 20th century broadly. What genuinely sets the last century apart is the sheer scale of the violence, the ideological fervor, and the legacies of the World Wars and the politics within them. Despite the fact that I currently live in a world that survived the existential crisis that the Cold War both developed and at times encouraged, it genuinely shocks me that the world still exists as it does. Yes, the destruction of the Berlin Wall is a very important piece of history, signifying the end of totalitarian communism and reaffirming unity and the global community. But the fact that during this period the space race was not only in full swing, but also that for the first time in our nearly three million year history of civilization building we left our home and traveled to a new celestial body; the moon landing is the event that defines humanity at its best.

We can hate each other. We can decide to let our differences define us, create the fences that encircle our tribes, and partition the community into individual camps that fight each other. Of course, this is a thing we can do, and have demonstrated to have done in the past. Or we can combine our forces, build upon the shoulders of our ancestors together, and propel ourselves into the future. I much prefer the latter.

Interesting insight!

Do you write when the mood takes you or at a set time?

Kinda neither, but I do write better and quicker while I feel inspired and in the mood to write. I make the effort to write everyday, either on a story or just a random idea. I work in hospitality, so most days I tend to come home tired. I would need to spend some hours simply to recharge and gather energy to write. The weekends are precious to me, I have the time to spend time writing and coming up with new ideas for interesting settings and characters.

In the mood!

Thanks for being interviewed, Chris!

Tales of Mundus: Puppets book cover
Tales of Mundus: Puppets

The String Rider

Sci-fi author John Espie’s time travel novel is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback format. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Trevor jumps 20 years forward to steal lotto numbers for his dream girl Rubie. Except, in this future, Rubie has been murdered… and Trevor instantly adores the daughter he’s raising with another woman. Never mind his missing thumb or the fact that he drives a minivan… with eyelashes. So, upon his return, Trevor must ask: how can he save Rubie? And does saving her mean his daughter won’t be born, or can he—should he—have both?

You can find out more about this sci-fi author on his Goodreads blog or him questions at Goodreads Author John Espie.

John’s Interview

Science has advanced, and we can now colonize other planets. Do you (1) sign up to be a colonist OR (2) remain on Earth?

I’ll stay on Earth because only the rich will be able to afford to colonize. After sitting back to watch the prices plummet on their Earth-based vacation homes, I’ll swoop in on a modest seaside villa for a killer deal and then proceed to live the life of Gatsby… minus the heartbreak and getting shot to death.

Wow! Interesting perspective!

Your novel brought you fame and fortune. Do you spend approximately $2 million on (1) an expensive car OR (2) a Hollywood-style RV?

Easy– Hollywood RV with a tricked out Jeep in tow. My family currently has an aging RV trailer for vacationing, and my dream is to someday own a fancy motorhome that simply requires me to push a button, and it automatically levels and sets itself up. Ahhh… glamping like a richie…

Living the rich life in style!

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

If you ask my family, they would insist that I’m a morning person because I get up at 5 am, hours before everybody else. In fact, I despise waking up that early, but it’s the only way I can get an hour or two of quiet time to work without interruption.

Understandable reasoning!

Do you write (1) when the mood takes you OR (2) at a set time?

Well… kind of somewhere in the middle. I write whenever the opportunity presents itself. If my wife unexpectedly takes the kids out of the house for a couple of hours, then y’know what? The mood to write just struck me!

Opportunity seeker!

(1) Can you name just one favorite novel OR (2) you love too many to just pick one?

I couldn’t pick just one novel, because I appreciate that everyone has a different style to offer. A sampling of my favorite authors includes John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut, Dr. Seuss, and who knows how many more. Limiting myself to one is unthinkable!

Lover of many novels!

Thanks for being interviewed, John!

The String Rider book cover
The String Rider

Nursery’s Rhyme

Suspense novelist Trish Arrowsmith’s debut novel is now available to pre-order on Amazon. Trish describes her work as a combination of suspense, thriller, and police procedural. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Sometimes change can forge a path to a new beginning…

Other times, it leaves a trail for your past to follow.

Lawrence Rockefeller, known as “Rock” to most, is doing his best to embrace the recent changes in his life: marriage, a newborn daughter, a promotion to Lead Detective, and a new work partner. At home, he’s struggling with the idea of being a “family man” rather than a carefree bachelor. At work, he’s trying to earn the respect of his captain while learning to trust his new partner, Dixie.

When a call comes in from a frantic mother reporting a missing infant, Rock believes it will be a simple custody case. His hope for an easy closure diminishes when Dixie finds three mismatched mittens strung across the window in the baby’s nursery. Rock knows this is a message from the kidnapper and after years of working missing persons’ cases, he’s aware of the limited amount of time he has to bring the child home alive.

As the days and weeks pass by, more reports of missing infants come in and Rock finds himself falling victim to the emotional pull of the case. He’s battling a reporter determined to ruin his career, trying to find the person that’s been watching his wife and daughter for over a year, and uncovering secrets about his partner’s personal life, all while convincing his captain that he’s still capable of performing his duties.

Upon receiving a letter threatening his family, Rock must determine whether it came from the stalker or the kidnapper looking for their final victim. His time is almost up.

You can find out more about this thriller author on her Trish Arrowsmith Author website or on Facebook. You may send her a Tweet, an Instagram, or ask her questions at Goodreads Author Trish Arrowsmith.

Trish’s Interview

You see an amusing incident while grocery shopping. Do you (1) record what happens in some form OR (2) do nothing?

I would watch but I would never record it. I would, most likely, write up a post about it to put on social media where I have the option to limit the audience. I would not mention a specific name of either the location or the person(s) involved. My main reason for not recording it is because I think it’s unfair to record or take pictures of people without their permission. Speaking from personal experience, some people have to go to extreme lengths to not broadcast where they are, live, or places they may frequent.

Sounds reasonable!

You have enough money to do anything. Will you (1) pamper yourself at a spa for a week OR (2) go on a cruise for a week?

I would choose a cruise every time. I’m not really one to pamper myself often and as much as I hate to admit it, I am not a fan of people touching me, to the extreme that I have to give myself a pep talk before going in to get my nails done. At a spa, I would last about three hours, just long enough for a manicure, pedicure, and massage. I don’t know what I would do with the rest of the week. On a cruise, I would be sitting on the deck all day long, soaking up the sun, seeing new places, and creating lasting memories that a spa couldn’t replicate. I’m also a nature lover and prefer to be outside as often as I can be.

Cruising it is!

Do you find it (1) easy to give a witty retort OR (2) think of what you should have said after the conversation is over?

It does depend a little bit on the circumstances. If I’m in a job interview, I always think of something better I could have said while I’m driving home or trying to fall asleep. In most cases, I do find it easy to give a witty retort. I blame (and thank) my dad for my quick wit. Sometimes my responses are funny, sometimes they sound mean, often times they are both depending on what side one is observing from. I’m more honest than I should be at times which is why some responses may sound harsher than they are meant to be.

Circumstantial response for you!

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

Both and neither. When I was younger, I was always a night owl. 2am was my best time. I was energetic, creative, and full of life. As I got older, I started not staying up quite so late, mainly because I had to be up early for work. Now, and for the past few years, I just don’t sleep. I typically fall asleep around 11pm or 12 and am up between 4 and 5. I often joke that I run on caffeine but I think that statement is more accurate than I like to admit.

Running on caffeine!

What provides more inspiration to you: (1) art OR (2) nature?

Nature, by far. I am inspired by artists and seeing what they are able to create but nature has so much to offer before being touched by the human mind. Nature is raw and authentic. It’s beautiful and destructive. Harsh and kind. It’s brings life and death, compassion and unforgiving chaos. Nature, if you’re willing to take the time to enjoy it, is able to pull inspiration from the deepest parts of you.

Lovely comparison!

Thanks for being interviewed, Trish!

Nursery's Rhyme book cover
Nursery’s Rhyme

No Secrets Allowed

A Sweet and Light-Hearted Romantic Series

Romance author Kana described her work as, “clean and wholesome, new adult romance, chick-lit, and women’s fiction.” Here’s a brief synopsis:

Soon after their first kiss, Rory and Peter must try to build their relationship with over 3000 miles between them. Their love has just bloomed, but their path is on rocky ground. When truth appears and secrets are exposed, will their love survive?

You’ll find more information about this romance author on her website. You can send her an Instagram message and find her on Facebook. Ask her questions on Goodreads Author Kana Wu.

Kana’s Interview

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

For those who have known me or met me for the first time, they could tell that I’m an introvert. It doesn’t mean I can’t be a talkative person to a person I meet for the first time. I could only if I feel comfortable with the person. Also, I’m not good in crowds. If I am talking to two or three people, I’d usually be fine. However, among more than four people, I’m not feeling as comfortable. I’d hide in my shell or let other people talk, and I’d listen. Also, it isn’t easy to maintain the conversation if there are more than four people.

Feeling comfortable is important!

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

I prefer to start my day at around six in the morning because I like to have my day longer. In the morning, everything seems calm and quiet. On the weekend, whenever I bike with my husband, the streets are still empty, and you could hear the birds singing. I live in Southern California, and during summer, it is super hot. So, waking up in the morning in summer would give me a chance to ride a bike when the sun is still low on the horizon.

I don’t mind waking up late, especially if I’m not feeling well. It happens many times. If that is the case, I don’t feel upset or feel the day is short because I know that with more sleep, my body will build up its immune system to fight off the illness.

However, I could be a night owl if I need to. Many times, I’d stay late for finishing some chapters. If not, I couldn’t sleep anyway because my mind is on the chapters.

A bit of both for you!

What provides more inspiration to you: (1) art OR (2) nature?

I think nature provides more inspiration and brings some calmness to me. If you’d like to spend time in nature, you’d see amazing things. One day, my husband and I went for a hike. The trail was not too long, but in the middle of the trail, we found a grove of redwoods which reminded us of Muir Woods in San Francisco area.

So, walking among the tall redwoods, I felt calm and fresh, and a few ideas came into my mind. Not necessarily related to the 3rd book, I’m working on, but about everything.

Understandable reasoning!

Do you write (1) when the mood takes you OR (2) at a set time?

I have to admit that it is easy to write when the mood takes us. However, I prefer to be disciplined. It is not because ideas come quickly at the time I set, but I found my day is more productive if I write or sit in front of my notebook at the same time every day.

Disciplined writing for you!

Do you prefer to read (1) an audiobook OR (2) a paperback?

Only if I were alone in the car, I’d be accompanied by an audiobook. I’d read many audiobooks while driving to the office.

If I’m not driving, I like reading through Kindle or paperback. I like Kindle, especially when I travel because I don’t have to bring many books. Kindle is also handy if I read before going to sleep. In the dark, I don’t need to turn off the light once I’m done reading. I close my Kindle and rest.

So it depends on the condition.

Interesting explanation!

Thanks for being interviewed, Kana!

No Secrets Allowed book cover
No Secrets Allowed