One Dark Night

Historical romance author Anna Faversham has self-published a novel filled with mystery and suspense. Here’s a synopsis of the first book in her Dark Moon Series:

It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. One man is determined, not only to stop this violent trade, but to hang the perpetrators – one in particular. Lucy has her own problems and they get worse when these two men enter her life. Two men, one girl, one dark night – trouble awaits.

You can find out more about this historical romance novelist on her website. You may ask her questions at Goodreads Author Anna Faversham.

Anna’s Interview

You see an amusing incident while grocery shopping. Do you (1) record what happens in some form OR (2) do nothing?

It doesn’t matter where I am, I always have a notebook with me and I scribble in there constantly. I also use my mobile and record thoughts in there. Walking by the sea is one of the best sources of inspiration, my poor brain gets overrun sometimes as they flood in.

Have notebook, will travel!

Do you find it (1) easy to give a witty retort OR (2) think of what you should have said after the conversation is over?

Only rarely can I think of a witty retort. I’ve learnt at last not to get cross with myself for not being able to whisk sparkling wit from up my sleeve at the appropriate moment because at least I provide an appreciative audience for those who can.

Nothing wrong with being an appreciative listener!

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

I take a little while to come round in the morning but then from 8 a.m to lunch time, I’m at my best insofar as work is concerned. I’m hopeless in the graveyard slot (2 p.m.) but now, during lockdowns, I make that my long walk spot. As a teenager, I was a night owl.

Former night owl becomes morning person!

What provides more inspiration to you: (1) art OR (2) nature?

Nature is definitely inspirational. My latest book (Immortality: This is probably a Novel) has lots of animals in it. The first is a camel, then a cat, then donkeys and also a swan. The Dark Moon Series has a wonderful dog in it. I loved writing that series with Josh, the dog, as a star character – in my eyes, at least. I now live near the sea and there are lots of seagulls around. There’s one special one, I’ve called him Steve. He frequently flies down onto my balcony railing and I go out and chat to him. He cocks his head on one side and is the perfect listener. If I haven’t noticed him, he squawks until I do. He’ll end up in one of my books some day!

Steve sounds like he’d be an interesting character!

What is your favorite (1) song OR (2) book?

Favourite song: What a Wonderful World. Why? It sums up how I feel and my father asked for it at his funeral. The family obliged.

What a wonderful song!

Thanks for being interviewed, Anna!

One Dark Night book cover
One Dark Night

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