The Power of Conviction

(The Prime Series Book 1)

Fantasy novelist Catrin Russell’s first book in the Prime Series is a high/epic fantasy with influences from dark fantasy and fantasy romance. In a sweeping war between humanity and demons, a Priestess of the Light is forced to choose between heart and duty.

Fate, prophecies and an impossible love will blur the very line between good and evil.

Warnings: The Prime Series contains subjects and scenes that depict violence, torture, consequences of prolonged sexual abuse, emotional scars and suffering, as well as mature language and steamy scenes. It is therefore intended for a mature audience.

You can find out more about this fantasy author on her Catrin Russell website or on Facebook. You may send her a Tweet, an Instagram, or ask her questions at Goodreads Author Catrin Russell. She is also on Linktree.

Catrin’s Interview

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

I have always considered myself to be more extroverted than introverted as I am certainly not shy, and I love talking to people. But then, on the other hand, I am very comfortable in my own skin and happy to act as my own company, so I’m not one to particularly mind being alone. The best, and undoubtedly my favourite, social situations are with a select few, family and friends alike, just hanging out over dinner and perhaps play some board games. Big parties and social gatherings are not quite my thing.

An extrovert who enjoys solitude too!

You prefer (1) to eat a home-cooked meal with family and friends OR (2) to eat in a big-name restaurant?

Similar to the answer to the previous question, I do love a meal with family and friends. However, if I am meant to cook the said meal myself, I prefer to eat out instead. I am lazy when it comes to cooking, and nothing beats having someone else do it for you!

Hail to the chef!

You prefer (1) to people watch OR (2) bird watch?

People-watching! It must be one of the best things to do as an author, to sit and study those around you for inspiration. The number of fun things people say or do can be incredibly helpful, as is their looks and styles. It can all help design and shape new characters, or even the worlds they live in.


What provides more inspiration to you: (1) art OR (2) nature?

I will have to say art. I do love a walk in nature and taking in my surroundings, but I often use art as a second element as I design both characters and worlds. I regularly draw my characters as part of the process of deciding on their looks and equipment, and even backstory, so I will definitely choose art for this one.

Sketchbook at the ready!

Do you prefer to read (1) an e-book OR (2) a paperback?

This is a debate that is never-ending, and not even for me on a personal level. I adore physical books, and I long for a vast personal library spanning wall to wall in my home. As such, I really do love paperbacks, the feel in my hand and the book scent as you flick through the pages, but in truth, nothing beats an e-book at practicality. As I hold my Kindle, I have a hundred books in my hand, its light and easy to carry, you needn’t use a night lamp while reading at night, and you can flick through the pages with one hand. So at the end of the day, I will have to go with my e-books!

That’s so easy to understand!

Thanks for being interviewed, Catrin!

The Power of Conviction book cover
The Power of Conviction

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  1. Great. How may I get notified of future interviews?

    Fiona, thanks for asking! I try to post a new interview every Sunday, but sometimes authors don’t respond in time. I always update my blog on Goodreads when a new one is available.

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