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Author Michele Ceron said, “My genre is pretty much one that I created as far as I can tell. I have created my own original daytime TV soap opera. I write it in a cross between screen play and prose form. Instead of chapters, it’s broken down into episodes just like you would see on TV and each episode is broken down into several different scenes. It reads the same way you would be watching if it was on TV.”

Welcome to Cape Heights, a small coastal town in Oregon where the drama never sleeps!

The Rutledge Family is one of the wealthy families of Cape Heights, also one of the most troubled. With years of sibling rivalries, a father and a son who were both married to the same woman, and a company in the middle of it all, can the family finally come together for the sake of saving their floundering company?

Five years ago, Darius Hilton was caught in a love triangle with two women. The three of them went through hell and back together, (including murder) who did he end up choosing to be with forever?

Trisha Davis had big aspirations of becoming a famous singer, she sacrificed everything to get it, including her long time relationship with her boyfriend, Adrian Emerson. Five years later she returns to Cape Heights from Los Angeles, hoping to win him back. Can Adrian ever forgive her for her major betrayal that involves a lot more than a singing career? Or does he have a betrayal of his own that might push Trisha away?

These stories and more are awaiting among the residents of Cape Heights where love triangles and family feuds are the daily norm! Warning: This book contains adult language, alternative relationships, drug use, colorful dialogue, controversial subject matter and sexually explicit scenes. This book is not for the easily offended.

You can find out more about this soap opera drama author on Facebook. You may ask her questions at Goodreads Author Michele Ceron.

Michele’s Interview

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

Introvert. I grew up in a family where I was the only introvert. Always introduced as the “quiet child” by my parents. I kept to myself a lot, didn’t talk much. I felt much more comfortable with the written word than the spoken word. So as a child I was ALWAYS reading and even writing as well as a kid. To this day I’m still more comfortable with the written word. That is how I most often get my feelings out. I still have difficulty sometimes telling people how I feel or communicate directly with people verbally. I hate confrontation and most of the time avoid it. Even at the age of 43, though I def have come out of my shell more and am more outgoing than I used to be, typically when I first meet a person or persons I am still very quiet and people often comment on that. Introverts don’t mind spending a good amount of their time alone at home and I def am like that but of course sometimes I crave to be out around people and be social. But at parties or large gatherings, a couple of hours is enough for me then I want to leave typically.

Our differences are what makes us special!

Science has advanced and we can now colonize other planets. Do you (1) sign up to be a colonist OR (2) remain on Earth?

DEF remain on earth! I love this blue marble and all the wonders it holds! I have ZERO desire to go out into the unknown of outer space and colonize a new planet, not having any idea at all how that’s going to work out if at all and leaving behind all the people I love and enjoy here. I’m a homebody and earth is my home.

Blue marble for you!

You have enough money to do anything. Will you (1) pamper yourself at a spa for a week OR (2) go on a cruise for a week?

Although a cruise also sounds nice, I work in the spa industry I have for the last 13 years. I do facials for a living as well as colon hydrotherapy. You may think I would be sick of being in a spa and NOT want to do that, but the opposite is true. I love pampering people and I love getting those services done as well. Whenever I go on vacation no matter where it is, I always go find a spa and at the very least get a massage if not also a facial and any other spa treatment I can. It’s always been my dream to go away for a week or longer to one of those uber fancy and uber expensive spa retreats in some far off country.

Pampering yourself it is!

Do you write (1) when the mood takes you OR (2) at a set time?

I try to do the set time thing, but I rarely actually stick to it so it’s when the mood strikes me most of the time. I have always been a huge procrastinator, so I think that’s why it’s difficult for me to stick to a set time to write. I always find excuses to do other things instead. But when I’m REALLY in the mood to write, I can write for hours on end.

Definitely a Glenn Miller way to go!

(1) Can you name just one favorite novel OR (2) you love too many to just pick one?

I love SO many novels but I still say that my all-time favorite novel, which I read for the first time about 22 years ago is Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour. Nothing can top it, in my book. Exquisite writing of an extremely complicated and intricate family. It reads like velvet. So rich and colorful. And I find something new every time I re-read it that I didn’t completely pick up on before. It’s one of the few books that I can completely envision every single scene and every single character in my head with the greatest of detail. Though I have read PLENTY of other excellent books, nothing still comes close to The Witching Hour for me.

Excellent explanation!

Thanks for being interviewed, Michele!

Cape Heights book cover
Cape Heights

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