An Unexpected Road to Motherhood

Author Sabine Garvey Campbell’s contemporary novel is available on Amazon. Most little girls dream of meeting their Prince Charming, getting married, and becoming a mother like something they read in a fairy tale. For some lucky girls, life goes just as planned but for others, the fairy tale gets rewritten into something that reads more like a mystery. And then, there are girls like me whose story turns out to be a little bit of both. Like the fairy tale, I met my Prince Charming and we got married, but then my road to motherhood became unexpected, complicated, and unpredictable just like a good mystery. Fortunately, I always knew that life had a plan for me and that if I never gave up, I would one day find my happy ending.

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Sabine’s Interview

You have enough money to do anything. Will you (1) pamper yourself at a spa for a week OR (2) go on a cruise for a week?

If I had enough money to either go on a cruise for a week or pamper myself at a spa, I would take a cruise to some exotic and far away place that is on my bucket list to visit. I love to travel but do not get as much opportunity to do so as I would like so I would chose destinations that I have only dreamt of visiting. I would take an excursion at each port at which we stopped and do something I had not done before. Then, while I am on the ship, I would spend quiet time just relaxing and people watching. It would be a fun escape for a short while.

What a nice dream!

Are you a person who (1) makes and follows New Year resolutions OR (2) never bothers with resolutions?

I am typically not a person who make New Year’s Resolutions because I rarely stick to them. I did, however, once make a resolution years ago to try one thing I have never done before each month and that one did stick. Each month I make a point of trying something be it a new activity, a new restaurant, watching a new movie, etc., to break routines which have a way of taking over. I have found it is a great way to learn about the world and myself.

Wow! Impressive!

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

I consider myself neither an introvert nor an extrovert but instead a little of both. When it comes to meeting new people in my personal life, I am introverted. I have never been very good at small talk so I prefer to avoid parties or social gatherings where I know few people. Yet, when I attend meetings in my corporate career, I look and feel extroverted. I can easily step outside of my introverted comfort zone. Because I am both introverted and extroverted, I am as comfortable spending time alone as I am talking with people in intimate gatherings given I know them when I feel the need for companionship.

That’s great!

You prefer (1) to people watch OR (2) bird watch?

I find people watching as interesting as bird watching and very similar in the rewards they provide. Birds, like people, remove their pretense and pretending when they think they are no being watched. Birds and people’s true natures are evident in such a raw way when they do not know they are being watched which allows me to see true characters which are always much more interesting in airs. Seeing these true characters reminds me that all creatures on earth are basically the same. We need food, water and shelter. How birds and people respond to everything else like love and family is what makes them so interesting to watch. For this reason, I enjoy people and bird watching the same for if I were to chose one over the other I would be missing out on the uniqueness one or the other brought to the world.

Great perspective!

You prefer to watch (1) a sunrise OR (2) a sunset?

I make choices every day of my life but deciding whether to watch the sunrise or the sunset is not one of them. I choose to watch both. The sunrises in rural Virginia where I live are spectacular. There is something inspiring in seeing geese fly through the reddish-yellow hues of the morning sky as the sun brings hope for the possibilities of the new day. When the sun sets, it does so over the mountains to our west. Even though the cold of night is nearing, I am warmed by the last fire in the sky that reminds me that I will see it again soon. The sunrise and the sunset are equally inspirational, each in their own right, so I could never choose one over the other.

What lovely descriptions!

Thanks for being interviewed, Sabine!

An Unexpected Road to Motherhood
An Unexpected Road to Motherhood

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