April 26, 2023

Members, who didn’t do this last meeting,  read their short stories for our Potpourri Project, then we discussed these. Our group members should also submit other stories for our project. We plan to create and publish this as a collection.

After this, our Subject Matter Expert Ron Benedict asked attendees to: Come up with a picture that represents your life. Think of it as a scene’s opening image, and write a paragraph about it. Each one of us read what we’d written to the other members. Here’s mine:

The ’67 Chevy Bel Air hugged the right side of the highway next to a dangerous drop-off as a ’64 red Thunderbird, horn blaring, roared past.

“Be careful Joe.That drop-off is so sheer. You shouldn’t have moved over. That idiot should have waited for a passing zone.”

I heard my best friend Marsha snicker. I glanced over and saw she was imitating her mother. I suppressed a laugh, then returned to my reading. This road terrified me. Concentrating on the book kept me sane.


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