October 11, 2023

Members of my writing group read short stories where they have written their partner’s character into a corner. When we finished this, we used prompts from the Writer’s Tool Box to write a short story. My prompts were:

  • My brother did this weird thing with turtles
  • I cheated on my spouse. And it wasn’t the first time.

How to work these two different trains of thought into a short story? Here’s the short story that I wrote. I hope you find it humorous!


My brother did this weird thing with turtles. Using an infinitely small tube, he somehow gathered semen from the males. He didn’t tell me when he added some to my rum & coke. He watched me intently while I drank. A few minutes later, he asked, “So, how are you feeling? Are things at work getting any better?”

Confused, I glanced at him. He’s never this solicitous. “Why?”

He doesn’t answer, but still stares at me.

I try to stand up but topple to the floor. Next thing I know, I’m parked outside my house.

My brother texts me the following morning. “Got something you need to see.”

“Too busy today.”

“Make time now, or you’ll be sorry!”

He opens the door and smirks at me. “Wait till you watch this!” He presses buttons and an image of me appears on the TV screen. He forwards the action. “Here, watch close now.”

I am in bed with a strange woman having oral sex.

He pauses the video, then fast forwards it.

I am in bed with a strange man having missionary-style sex.

I scream. “Stop! I would never do that!”

“Are you saying it’s not you?”

“Err yes, no. I don’t know. According to this, I cheated on my spouse. And it wasn’t the first time.”

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