The Games We Play

Author Katie Rae’s sports romance novel is about two sports stars, that are at the top of their game in their respective sports, who meet the same girl at the same time. What starts out as all fun and games end up being a game to win her over. But being in their spotlight means being found by a person from her past that she had hoped to hide from. The complications of their torrid affair only get more complicated as they work together to keep her safe from the mind games of the past and the violence she faces now. How can they make this all work? And how will she choose who to love when the games are all over?

Find out more about sports romance novelist Katie Rae on Facebook. Visit her page at: Goodreads Author Katie Rae.

Katie’s Interview

What is your (1) favorite book quote OR (2) favorite movie quote?

I think most would answer this question with some deep, meaningful, and impactful quotes. But that just isn’t me. Nothing means more to me than laughing. So when Max Monroe put out a book called Tapping the Billionaire, that is where I found my favorite book moment. Chapter 10—Georgia nicknames the football players while giving play by play to Kline and Thatch on the phone. One quote wouldn’t have sufficed. And I feel this is worth mentioning because I reread that book every time I need that moment in my life.

Laughter is always good medicine!

When you try to fall asleep, a song keeps playing over and over in your head and you can’t sleep. Do you (1) pick up a book to read OR (2) try to think of a different song?

I turn over and ask Alexa to play said song for me. If I manage to stay awake until it’s over, I usually opt to read. Reading is the only thing I do 100% on my own that affects no one but myself. Days are demanding and tending to the needs around me is exhausting. Even turning on the TV affects those around me. So I read. Every second I can, I read.

Reading is a pleasurable escape!

What is your favorite (1) song OR (2) book?

This is a loaded question. I could name at least 50 for each category but couldn’t even place an order on them. I can, however, say I am 100% all-in with romance—whether it be songs or books. I love LOVE and I have had amazing love in my life. But life gets hard and exhausting and sad sometimes. So romance and happily ever afters is my favorite. I need those moments to balance the crazy in real life.

A loving balance!

Do you prefer to read (1) an e-book OR (2) a paperback?

This may not be a popular answer. But I prefer the e-book. A sign of my age? I don’t know. But I like the discretion that e-books allow. I can read 50 Shade of Grey in the doctor’s office and no one will see my cover and judge who I am. With that being said, I buy all my absolute favorites in hardback or paperback and add them to my shelf of forever reads.

What a great way to handle your books!

Are you a person who (1) makes and follows New Year resolutions OR (2) never bothers with resolutions?

My birthday is on December 31st. So I do not consider myself a New Year’s resolution kind of girl. I am more along the lines of an “I am a year older today, how do I want to spend my next age?” kind of girl. I give myself goals for the age I am. When I turned 36, I told myself I would publish my book before I turned 37—and I did.

What an awesome resolution to keep! Thanks for participating, Katie!

The Games We Play


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