The Poinciana Tree

Author Rita Lee Chapman’s crime mystery novel is available on Amazon. This story is set around the beautiful Poinciana tree, with its amazing red flowers. Suzanne Matthews arrives home from work to find the kitchen in disarray and her daughter missing. After searching the house, her eyes turn towards the garden, drawn to the Poinciana tree. Underneath its canopy she sees her daughter, slumped against its trunk.

When the police are unable to identify Jennifer’s killer, they turn their attention to her husband, Mark. Whilst trying to cope with her grief, she finds herself fighting to prove her husband’s innocence, as her world is turned upside down. She is inspired by another woman, who went with her husband to the Sudan as medical volunteers for a charity organisation.

A tale of raw emotion, desperation and acceptance.

You can find out more about this crime mystery novelist on the Rita Lee Chapman website or on Smashwords. Visit her author page at  Goodreads Author Rita Lee Chapman. You may even view her blog.

Rita’s Interview

Are you (1) a morning person OR (2) a night owl?

I’m definitely a morning person. I wake up with the sun and can’t wait to start the day, which means that by evening I’m running out of steam. Fortunately I live in Queensland, Australia, where most people go to bed early and get up early. However, if there is something exciting going on, I’m happy to dance the night away – but not much after midnight.

Sounds like you have Cinderella slippers!

Which is more important: (1) a reduction in global warming OR (2) reduction of communicable diseases?

A reduction in communicable diseases. Global warming is a natural phenomena, the earth warms, the earth cools. It would be nice to eradicate communicable diseases, but the real problem facing us now is over-population. Australia used to give foreign aid on the basis that contraception was encouraged but that no longer seems to be the case.

Insightful reasoning!

What provides more inspiration to you: (1) art OR (2) nature?

Nature. I like my art to look like a landscape or a person. Nature is almost always beautiful and lifts the spirit – even when it is cruel it can be amazing.

A fascinating observation!

Do you (1) love shopping OR (2) hate shopping?

I love shopping – even grocery shopping! I prefer to go to a shop rather than shop online but online shopping does have its uses, particularly pricewise. However, for clothes and shoes I enjoy browsing and choosing, even if I don’t buy.

A true window shopper!

Do you prefer to read (1) an e-book OR (2) a paperback?

Definitely a paperback. I’m dreading running out of paperbacks during the coronavirus! I have an e-reader and sometimes read on my laptop but I much prefer to curl up with a paperback.

I can see that! Thanks for being interviewed, Rita!

The Poinciana Tree
The Poinciana Tree

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