Author Astralia Dik’s psychological and mystical thriller novel is available on Amazon. It is also dystopian describing the end of the world. It answers the question how to survive in such conditions and offers to learn the ideology of soul development. This book is a journey through parallel worlds showing different states of a soul.

You can find out more about this psychological and mystical thriller novelist at Astralia Dik on Smashwords. Visit her author page at: Goodreads Author Astralia Dik. You may even tweet her!

Astralia’s Interview

Do you consider yourself (1) an introvert OR (2) an extrovert?

I’m introvert because I love to be at home in lonelyness to think about details of my books.

Book details are important!

Science has advanced and we can now colonize other planets. Do you (1) sign up to be a colonist OR (2) remain on Earth?

I remain on Earth because I think other planets are unsuitable for residing because of they were left by ancient civilizations. We must save our planet, must learn to love it, not try to escape from its problems because we are the reason of them.

Definitely a homebody!

You have enough money to do anything. Will you (1) pamper yourself at a spa for a week OR (2) go on a cruise for a week?

I choose a cruise because I prefer an active rest. It gives an opportunity to see many new things and to be inspired from them for writing of new books.

Great choice!

Do you (1) love shopping OR (2) hate shopping?

Hate shopping because I don’t think it’s important to go and choose many useless things. When I need something I know what it is and I go in the shop to buy only it.

A fascinating observation!

What is your favorite (1) song OR (2) book?

My favorite book is Mahabharata because in this epic you can find advice for any case in life. It is no accident that it is considered the fifth Veda, because it includes the wisdom of those who lived in the past Yugas, in which people had a higher consciousness. This is the book where the level of spiritual development of a person directly and clearly affects his capabilities.

Interesting insight. Thanks for being interviewed, Astralia!

Mystics by Astralia Dik

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